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Original Scenario
Original Scenario
Set & Costume Design
Lighting Design
Wig & Make Up Design

Original scenario adapted from Ian Kelly's biography of Casanova.

Casanova will be performed to music played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia, Music Director Jonathan Lo.


Associate Designer
  • Frances Bradshaw
Production Manager
  • Steve Wilkins
Fabrics by
Set built by
  • Griz Pedley
  • Pradeep Dash
  • Charlotte Stanley
  • Ralph Tricker
  • Northern Ballet Stage Department
Scenic Artists
  • Stephanie Etahadi
  • Ali Allen
Revival Scenic Artists
  • Ali Allen
  • Lucy Campbell-Skelling
Automation by
Rigging Equipment
Specialist wood turning by
Specialist plastics by
Lighting equipment provided by
  • Encore
Lighting Programmer
  • Abbi Fearnley
LED Lighting Effects built by
  • Alastair West
  • Simon James
  • Wayne Sanderson
  • Abbi Fearnley
  • Sam Day
Video content created by


Costume Supervisors
Assisted by
  • Becky Smith
  • Julie Anderson
  • Carley Marsh
  • Becky Smith
Assisted by
  • Donna Allen
  • Helen Russell
  • Sarah White
  • Caroline Barlow
  • Ellie Kemp
  • Imogen Woolley
  • Holly Prescott
  • Harriet Rogers
  • Jessica Hinchcliffe
  • Karen Sellers
  • Victoria Richards
  • Debbie Spedding
  • Nicola Downing
  • Laura Leathley
  • Megan Bishop
  • Beth Pirie
Bragadin and Gamblers
  • Leslie Woolford (Les the Tailor)
  • Julie Anderson
  • Becky Smith
Ruffs made by
  • Sarah Anderson
Dyeing by
  • Kim Brassley
Breaking down by
  • Mikhaila Pye
Millinery by
  • Simon Dawes
Wig Design Associate
  • Sue Pedersen
Wigs made by
  • Wig Specialities Ltd. London
Hair & Wig Assistants
  • Harriet Rogers
  • Helen Russell
Wigs Supervisor 2022 Revival
  • Harriet Rogers
Assisted by
  • Florencia Melone
Pointe Shoes by
  • Freed of London
  • Suffolk Pointe Shoe Co.
With thanks to
  • Roger Waterston Laces
  • La Maschera Del Galeone.S.R.L, Venice
  • Madison Hosiery Ltd
  • Melas Group


  • Simon Whiteside
Additional Orchestrations
  • John Longstaff
Proud supporter of Casanova costumes
Proud supporter of Casanova make-up

Additional support from those who kindly donated to the 2017 Casanova Costume Appeal.

Header image by Riku Ito of 2022 rehearsals of Casanova featuring dancers Joseph Taylor, Alessandra Bramante and Alessia Alessia Petrosino.