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Production Photos

Casanova holds Bellino above his head
Casanova supporting Henriette who is rested on his back
Henriette tentatively reaches towards a kneeling Casanova
M.M. is lifted by Casanova while she is doing the splits
Dancer holding two other dancers off the ground, them leaning back balanced on his hips
Bellino in her ruff and 18th century costume lean forward but is prevented from falling by Casanova holding her foot
Casanova dressed in a golden coat looks into lovingly the eyes of Henriette
Dancer in red lingerie and red pointe shoes sat on a chair facing away from the camera
Dancers in masks illuminated by gaming tables they are leaning against
Female dancers wearing masks and 18th century costumes
Bodies intertwine, one figure flowing into the next. And Casanova at the centre

Rehearsal Photos

Four pairs of dancers, one partner holding the other from behind
Two dancers rehearsing their roles in Casanova
Dancer rehearsing her role of MM in Casanova
Dancer stands on one legt lean forward while being held steady by male dancer holding her raised foot
Dancers holding their arms against each other during rehearsals
Standing on a table, Joseph Taylor and Abigail Prudames hold each other while rehearsing for their roles in Casanova.
Dancer rehearsing as Casanova plays dancers posing as a musical instrument
A dancer wearing an exaggerated wimple acting as a nun in prayer
Abigail Prudames rehearing the role of MM leaning forward over a table looking suggestively at whoever is at the other end of the table which we cannot see
The choreographer, dancer and rehearsal director review footage on a tablet

Production photos by Emma Kauldhar, Caroline Holden and Riku Ito and rehearsal photos by Emily Nuttall and Caroline Holden. Header photograph with dancers Joseph Taylor and Minju Kang, taken by Riku Ito.