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Two people stare at each other as the sun sets behind them


EGO laurels

Most of us have an alter ego hiding under the surface. We try our best to keep it in, but sometimes it escapes.

Take a front row seat into the psyche of a relationship. Using world class ballet, krump, popping & bboying we witness different moments played out in pure contrast by four incredible dancers. 

This is EGO, a Northern Ballet original dance film.

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Directed & Developed by
Creative Director & Choreographer
Concept Design by
  • Dan Lowenstein
  • Kenneth Tindall
Produced by

Director of Photography
  • Tom Walder
Director of Photography & Camera Operator
  • Matt Perren
Streadicam Operator
  • Benjamin Eeley
1st Assistant Camera
  • Anil Duru
  • Tom Bearne
  • Werner Van Peppen
  • Frank Hammond
Behind-The-Scenes Film & Photography
  • Emily Nuttall
Hair & Make Up (London)
  • Khandiz Joni Towill
Hair & Make Up (Leeds)
  • Lauren Eaton
With thanks to Panny Hire and ProVision Leeds
Set Design
  • Hannah Bateman
Set Construction
  • Griz Pedley
  • Pradeep Dash
  • David Ramsey
  • Martin Smith
Scenic Artist
  • Ali Allen
Location Scouts
  • Kenneth Tindall
  • Dan Lowenstein
  • Hannah Bateman

Primary Film Editor
  • Dan Lowenstein
Assistant Editor
  • Tom Walder
  • Matt Jones
Special Effects
  • Charlie Dale
Music & Sound Design
  • Dave Crowe
Musical consultant
  • Dan Lowenstein
Secondary Music Production & Recording
  • Jimi Howell
Rapper & Original Lyrics
  • Jamzy
Singer, Pianist & Song Arrangement
  • Marie McGonigle
Songwriter & Original Lyrics
  • David McGonigle
Lead Guitar
  • Paul McGonigle
Solitary Journey
  • Cliff Masterson

Outfits kindly provided by French Connection
Thanks to
  • Fitzroy wine cellar & kitchen
  • The Audition House Studios
  • 84 Film
With special thanks to Jane & Alan Foale.
Digital Programme supported by