Selected at the New Renaissance Film Festival


‘I am thrilled that one of the first films to have been commissioned for our digital platform has been selected as an official entry into the New Renaissance Film Festival. It’s wonderful to receive this level of recognition for a work that started life in our choreographic lab. My congratulations to Gavin McCaig, Chris Dudgeon, Harriet Rogers, Jack Edmonds and Leeds filmmaker Joseph Haskey, the talented dancers of Northern Ballet and everyone that worked so hard and creatively to bring Silenced to life.

This is just the beginning of the level of work that we are capable of producing and is a wonderful injection of confidence in our digital platform.’

Kenneth Tindall
Artistic Director of Digital, Northern Ballet


A Northern Ballet Original Dance Film.
Working with emerging artists to cultivate new voices in dance and film.

Choreographer | Gavin McCaig
Filmmaker | Joseph Haskey
Composer | Jack Edmonds
Art Director | Christopher Dudgeon
Dancers | Sarah Chun, Kevin Poeung, Miki Akuta, Natalia Kerner, Jonathan Hanks, Thomas Holdsworth, Harriet Marden and Teresa Saavedra Bordes.

Artistic Director of Digital for Northern Ballet | Kenneth Tindall
Artistic Director of Northern Ballet | David Nixon OBE