Most of us have an alter ego hiding under the surface. We try our best to keep it in, but sometimes it escapes.

Take a front row seat into the psyche of a relationship. Using world class ballet, krump, popping & bboying we witness different moments played out in pure contrast by four incredible dancers. 

This is EGO, a Northern Ballet original dance film.

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Production credits

Directed & Developed by
Dan Lowenstein

Creative Director & Choreographer
Kenneth Tindall

Concept Design by
Dan Lowenstein & Kenneth Tindall

Produced by
Kenneth Tindall
Dan Lowenstein
Hannah Bateman
Liam Verity 

Antoinette Brooks-Daw
Kevin Poeung
Sam Amos
Jonadette Carpio 

Director of Photography | Tom Walder
Director of Photography & Camera Operator | Matt Perren
Streadicam Operator | Benjamin Eeley
1st Assistant Camera | Anil Duru
1st Assistant Camera | Tom Bearne
Gaffer | Werner Van Peppen
Spark | Frank Hammond
Behind-The-Scenes Film & Photography | Emily Nuttall
Hair & Make Up London | Khandiz Joni Towill
Hair & Make Up Leeds | Lauren Eaton

 With thanks to Panny Hire and ProVision Leeds

Sets and Locations
Set Design | Hannah Bateman
Set Construction | Griz Pedley, Pradeep Dash, David Ramsey, Martin Smith
Scenic Artist | Ali Allen
Location Scouts | Kenneth Tindall, Dan Lowenstein & Hannah Bateman 

Primary Film Editor | Dan Lowenstein
Assistant Editor | Tom Walder
Colourist | Matt Jones
Special Effects | Charlie Dale

Music & Sound Design | Dave Crowe
Musical consultant | Dan Lowenstein
Secondary Music Production & Recording | Jimi Howell

Rapper & Original Lyrics | Jamzy
Singer, Pianist & Song Arrangement | Marie McGonigle
Songwriter & Original Lyrics | David McGonigle
Lead Guitar | Paul McGonigle
Solitary Journey | Cliff Masterson

Outfits kindly provided by French Connection

Thanks to 
The Audition House Studios
Fitzroy wine cellar & kitchen
84 Film

With special thanks to Jane & Alan Foale.