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A ballet photoshoot requires a lot of fun, improvisation, metres of fabric and a banging soundtrack - we had so much fun with our dancers and photographer Guy Farrow creating the poster image for Generations: Three Short Ballets.

This unique set of classical works will be performed at the Leeds Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre and the Linbury Studio Theatre at the Royal Opera House this autumn.

A mana and woman smile as they look at a computer screen
A female dancer sits as a hairstylist assesses her hair.
A female dancer has her hair braided.
A dancer smiles as a hairstylist adjusts her hair.
A hand holds a braid on top of a dancers head.
A dancer smiles as a hairstylist adjusts her hair.
A monitor displays a preview of the Three Short Ballets poster shot.
A preview shot of a dancer in a leaping pose is displayed on a monitor.
A split photo. On the left, a female dancer stand en pointe in a gold leotard. On the right, a topless male dancer stands on one foot, holding fabric above his head.
A male dancer looks at his reflection in the mirror as a stylist treats his hair.
A male sits with hair curlers applied.
A female hair stylist works on a male dancer.
A female dancer sits as a hairstylist combs her hair.
A female dancer applied makeup to her eyes whilst a hairdresser styles her hair
A female dancer applies mascara to her eyes.
A female dancer looks past the camera as a stylist adjusts her hair.
A male dancer holds a female dancer above her head in flowing fabrics.
A female dancer waves her hands in the air as fabric blows around her
Dancer leaping across the frame while looking directly at the viewer, wearing peach and with fabrics flowing in the wind

The behind-the-scenes images feature Aerys Merrill, Jonathan Hanks and Sarah Chun and were shot by Emily Nuttall.