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Isaac Lee-Baker lifts Dreda Blow on the moors in this poster image taken by Guy Farrow

Jane Eyre

The ultimate heroine, Jane Eyre’s journey to overcome the odds is one of literature’s finest love stories.

Orphaned at a young age and cruelly treated by her Aunt, Jane Eyre grows up knowing little kindness. She accepts a position as Governess at Thornfield Hall, owned by the mysterious and brooding Mr Rochester. In spite of their social differences, an unlikely bond grows between them but as their romance develops, it becomes clear that Rochester has a hidden past that threatens to ruin them both.

With choreography by Cathy Marston, and music played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia, Northern Ballet’s brilliant dance actors will bring this tale of romance, jealousy and dark secrets to life.

Running time 2 hours (approximately)

Nominated for the South Bank Sky Arts Dance Award 2017
The Guardian
Financial Times
The Times
Yorkshire Post
The i
While he appears ambivalent, Rochester encourages Blanche as they dance together
Young Jane reaches out to the world, pleading for justice
Rochester kneals while Jane Eyre rests on his back
Jane floats in her white night dress while supported by Rochester
Heathcliff extends his leg while sat in his chair while Mrs Fairfax patiently looks on

Jane Eyre in America

Our production of Jane Eyre, a ballet by Cathy Marston, opens at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York tonight, performed by American Ballet Theatre.
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Jane Eyre Characters

The main characters from our production of Jane Eyre.
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Jane Eyre Photos

Photos from our production of Jane Eyre
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Jane Eyre Story

A woman is running, obstructed by male figures that seem to be figments of her imagination. She collapses and is discovered by a man.
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Jane Eyre Videos

Videos from the stage and behind-the-scenes of Jane Eyre.
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Creative Team

Choreography, Direction & Scenario
  • Cathy Marston
Set and Costume Design & Scenario
  • Patrick Kinmonth
Lighting Design
Music Compiled and Composed by
Based on the novel by
  • Charlotte Brontë

Header photo taken by Guy Farrow, production photos Emma Kauldhar and Caroline Holden.

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