New Creations | Termagant and Men Dances


A Pay As You Feel World Première Double Bill: Termagant and Men Dances.

Choreographed in recent weeks and filmed at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre, we're putting the young creative talents of our Company centre-stage.

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Act I: Termagant

A Pay As You Feel World Première

The Maiden, the Mother, the Wild Woman, the Elder. This piece probes the very nature of femininity and centres around the expression of women as multidimensional beings. The dancers are revealed as part of a community, each embodying a different archetype. The women hold space for one another as they move though the different aspects of their characters.

Choreography | Mariana Rodrigues

Music | Maurice Ravel

Lighting | Alastair West

Film Direction | Kenneth Tindall

Film Edit | Emily Nuttall

Dancers | Helen Bogatch, Alessandra Bramante, Sara Dos Remedios, Natalia Kerner, Sena Kitano, Heather Lehan, Harriet Marden, Charlotte McKay, Aerys Merrill, Julie Nunès and Aurora Piccininni.

Act II: Men Dances

A Pay As You Feel World Première

A dancer’s journey through lockdown: from containing creativity to a confined apartment space, to finally feeling the comparative freedom of a socially distanced studio. This work is a celebration of creativity as it thrives in adversity.

Choreography | Mlindi Kulashe

Assistant | Sean Bates

Music | Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Antonio Vivaldi & Franz Schubert

Lighting | Alastair West

Film Direction | Kenneth Tindall

Film Edit | Emily Nuttall

Dancers | Harris Beattie, Wesley Branch, Albert Gonzalez Orts, George Liang, Matthew Morrell, Leandro Olcese, Bruno Serraclara, Archie Sherman and Andrew Tomlinson.


Pay As You Feel

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Choreography and creation supported by Jane and Alan Foale.

Production supported by:

Photo George Liang.