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Photos from the Stage

Under a warm light two lovers dance while in the background their former selves mirror their movements
A wife looks over her husband's shoulder at her lover as he shakes hands with the husband
Male dancer in a pale blue suit looks angrily at a female dancer who is moving away from him
Two dancers dressed in smart white clothes gaze lovingly into one another's eyes whilst hold hands
Male dancer in beige trousers and waistcoat and a white shirt stands arabesque
Dancer in a burgundy 20s-style dress stands with her hands in a classic flapper pose
Blonde female dancer in arabesque wearing a flowing white dress while a friend looks on
A male and female dancer both performing grand jetés joyously while wearing while clothes against a blue background
Gatsby and Carraway stand arabesque on the pier outside of Gatsby house

Photos from the Rehearsal Room

Three dancers rehearsing, the woman in midair as the two male dancers pass her from one to the other
Three dancers in rehearsal, the woman dancer standing arabesque en pointe supported by one dancer behind her and one holding her hand above her head in front
Dancers in rehearsal one dipping the other while holding her around her back and she has one hand over his right shoulder and the other hand placed on his chest
Dancers in rehearsals smiling as they hold hands facing one another.
Male dancer wearing a blue top collapsed on his back on black dance floor laughing
Woman dancer with dark hair tied in a bun looks back over her shoulder with one arm raised above her head
Woman dancer in a blue top smiling and holding her hands together
Dancer stood arabesque while supported by her raised arm and her waist by another dancer

Photos from the Stage in 2022

Daisy being held by Jay while they look into one another's eyes with love
Jay and Nick standing on their toes in arabesque.
Daisy and Jay look lovingly at one another, both wearing white
From the wings, a look at a dancer performing with gusto
Myrtle in her orange dress dancing happily through the garage
A view from the wings looking over Jay Gatsby's shoulder at Daisy.
George Wilson in his garage leaning, wearing a dirty white T-shirt and blue dungarees over a car tyre considering his life.
George Wilson looking over his shoulder with a worried expression on his face

Photos from the Stage in 2019

Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor in The GReat Gatsby. Photo Emma Kaudlahr.
Northern Ballet dancers in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldhar.
Joseph Taylor as Tom in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldar.
Abigail Prudames as Myrtle, wearing a bright orange dress, dances with her character's husband - the mechanic George played by Matthew Topliss. Photo Emma Kauldhar
Pippa Moore as Jordan with Kevin Poeung as Nick in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldhar.
Kevin Poeung as Nick Carraway leaping with his legs in splits in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldhar
Kevin Poeung and Ashley Dixon in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldhar
Northern Ballet dancer Riku Ito jumping impossibly high during the Charleston in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kaudlahr.
Northern Ballet dancers in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldhar.

Photos taken by Emma Kauldhar, Emily Nuttall, Johan Persson, Caroline Holden, and Riku Ito.