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This is no ordinary night at the ballet.

Experience an evening of cutting-edge dance as Northern Ballet explodes onto the stage in a trio of new short ballets. 

The award-winning Company will demonstrate their outstanding skill and dynamic flair as they embrace the choreographic talents of Dickson Mbi, Stina Quagebeur and Mthuthuzeli November.

Be the first the see these new ballets, performed exclusively in Leeds and London.


Mthuthuzeli November's Wailers

Wailers is a work that gives thanks to life. To its struggles, beauty and its people. Those with us and no longer with us. It is a prayer for guidance.

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Stina Quagebeur's Nostalgia

Nostalgia captures that bittersweet emotion. A state of longing, poignancy, a piercing joy as well as an acute awareness of passing time. It recognises the light and dark, it’s a quiet force that transforms our pain and connects us together.

Dickson Mbi's Ma Vie

Ma Vie explores Giacomo Casanova's thirst for love, his complex relationship with the church and his eventual downfall as written in his infamous memoir 'Histoire de ma vie'.

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Four dancers are around a fifth standing, arms outstretched, en pointe, and head back
Two dancer close, rest their foreheads against each other while looking down
A group of dancers hold another's arm securely
a dancer rigidly leans back while another holders her by the shoulders and supports her with his bent leg

Music creation for Mthuthuzeli November’s new work is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.

Header image featuring dancer Minju Kang, taken by George Liang.