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Ma Vie explores Giacomo Casanova's thirst for love, his complex relationship with the church and his eventual downfall as written in his infamous memoir 'Histoire de ma vie'.

Choreographer Dickson Mbi is a world-renowned dancer and choreographer in the Hip Hop community and first created Ma Vie in film for Northern Ballet's Digital Dance Platform.

Now Ma Vie explodes onto stage in a new, epic exploration of the life of history's most notorious lothario. 

See it exclusively in Leeds and London this autumn as part of our mixed programme Made in Leeds: Three Short Ballets.

Ma Vie contains strobe lighting.

Dancers face a white wall and hold their arms out questioningly
Black and white photo featuring a dancer smiling at the camera
Dancers lean impossibly forward
Dancer leaning on the ground holding one arm bent above her head
Dancer sits on the studio floor looking dejected at the floor
Dickson Mbi kneeling on the the studio floor barefoot
Dancer wearing a bandanna on their head looks intensely at something off camera
Black and white photo of two male dancers, one holding the other on his shoulder while the others arms and legs a stretched out
Dancer wearing a voluminous white skirt holding her forearms crossed in front of her face.

Creative Team

Choreography, Concept and Direction
Associate Choreographer
  • Kenny Ho
  • Roger Goula
  • Dickson Mbi
  • Violetta Vicci
  • Dickson Mbi
  • Tim Grabham
  • Farooq Chaudhry
Associate Producer
  • Geni Lou
Rehearsal Director
  • Begoña Cao
Guest Dancer


Costumes taken from existing Northern Ballet productions
Crinoline and Celebration Dresses Designed and Realised by
  • Carley Marsh
Make-up, Wigs & Hair Design by
  • Harriet Rogers
Assisted by
  • Lizzie Fraser
Pointe Shoes by
  • Freed of London
Production Supported by

Photos by Mthuthuzeli November and George Liang.