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Nostalgia captures that bittersweet emotion.

A state of longing, poignancy, a piercing joy as well as an acute awareness of passing time.

It recognises the light and dark, it’s a quiet force that transforms our pain and connects us together.

In 2020 Stina Quagebeur was awarded Emerging Artist at the National Dance Awards and her work Nora was nominated for Best Classical Choreography. Nostalgia is her debut production for Northern Ballet.

See it exclusively in Leeds and London as part of our new mixed programme Made in Leeds: Three Short Ballets.

Two dancers dressed in red, the male holds the female with her feet together above his head and arms around his waist
Two dancers dress in red, one is on the floor looking up at the other who is turned away but sees him over her shoulder
Katharine Lee rests her head against Wesley Branch's shoulder while embracing him
While reaching behind themselves with one arm, Jonathan Hanks and Minju Kang hold on to one another with the other spinning on the spot
Dancers leaning close to one another, one whispering into another's ear while the rest watch
Jonathan Hank hold Minju Kang above his head by her lower back, her leaning back
Close up of face of dancer Harry Skoupasas his holds dancer Harriet Marden closely
Monochrome image of Stina Quagebeur facing away from the camera with her hand on her hips watching dancers rehearse
Stina Quagebeur sits on a bench watching a rehearsal

Creative Team

Costume Design
  • Louie Whitemore
  • Jeremy Birchall


Costumes cut and made by
Assisted by
  • Becky Smith
  • Lucy Howson
Printed Fabric by
  • L&S Prints, Keighley
Hair & Make-up
  • Harriet Rogers
Pointe Shoes by
  • Freed of London
Production Supported by

Photos by Emma Kauldhar, George Liang and Emily Nuttall.