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The reviews are in! Find out what audiences and critics think of Romeo & Juliet.

"the lovers display all the tortured passion of their teenage tragedy in this innovative and explosive staging"
The Guardian
Romeo and Juliet stand facing out from the stage each with an arm holding the other
"A wonderful, exhilarating and ultimately extremely affecting retelling of the oft-told story. A must-see."
Yorkshire Post
"The performances are incredibly impressive, the choreography striking and beautiful; stage designs are atmospheric and bold, and the music is thoroughly enveloping and transporting – whether ballet is new to you or familiar, this is a production well worth seeing"
Always time for theatre
"We were swept away in the world- we laughed, we cried, we gasped. We all know how it was going to end but it didn't stop us investing in every minute of this beautifully told story"
Audience member, Instagram stories
Juliet stands en pointe with her arms above her head, Romeo holds her by the waist
"If you’ve been thinking about booking tickets, stop thinking and do it."
Yorkshire Times
"It was a phenomenal evening of beauty and drama, the story told brilliantly by the Northern Ballet dancers...the orchestra played Prokofiev's music beautifully"
Audience member, Instagram
"The dancers are sublime and every single step is perfection"
ON Magazine
"Absolutely mesmerising, I could watch it all over again"
Audience member, Facebook
I red lighting, a group of men stand wearing masks and carrying a red staff

Photos Emily Nuttall.