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A dancer on a balcony dresses all in white smiles while resting a hand on her chin

Romeo & Juliet Rehearsals

Dress Rehearsals

Man dressed in a white shirt and grey leggings leaps high with his feet together, one arm straight up above his head and the other straight behind him.
A dancer on a balcony dresses all in white smiles while resting a hand on her chin
The actors rehearsing their roles Romeo and Juliet kiss, he cradles her head she brings his chin close.
Black and white photo of women devastated and crying sat on the floor
Black and white photo a an man with a angry, pained expression being held back by two people who seem to be concerned
Dressed in white, two people dancing a duet, holding each other closely and with love.
A dancer dressed all in white and grinning stands on one pointed foot and holds a doll above her head while another with her back to us and dresses in red pleads with her to stop playing
Black and white photo of two people close to fighting, one has a fist raised and is shouting at the other while they are standing implacably before them
Jayne Regan Pink and William Walker, the original Romeo & Juliet in this production, demonstrate choreography to dancers unseen in the image
Group photo of townspeople lifting one of their number tall while others present and celebrate them

From rehearsals

A group shot of two dancers in arabesque mirroring each other
A man crying while holding a woman in black and white
Two dancers stood with arms and one leg raised
Two dancers leaning forward in an embrace
A group of male dancers with staffs on the floor
A dancer on pointe in a turn
A group of dancers stood over a bed
Dancers stood in a line on one foot
Two dancers stood with palms together

From Page to Stage

Shakespeare's words are brought to life by former Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company Sir Gregory Doran and dancer Sarah Chun as they explore this emotional scene. Driven to desperation, Juliet takes the potion given to her by Friar Lawrence, thinking only of being reunited with Romeo.


Duet in Rehearsal

We’re in a romantic mood and flying through Romeo & Juliet rehearsals with Kevin Poeung and Sarah Chun.

Fighting Rehearsals

From scuffles in Verona’s marketplace to duels between sworn enemies, Romeo & Juliet is jam packed with jaw dropping moments you will never forget.

Fight Director Jonathan Howell and Rehearsal Director Daniel de Andrade but the dancers through their paces.

Black and white photo from rehearsals with one man attacking another with a wooden sword while the other holds him at bay
The fight director of Romeo & Juliet in black T-shirt and trousers speaks to people off-camera
Recieving instruction on sword fighting in rehearsals the fighter in blue shorts blocks a double strike from his opponent in black trousers
Black and white photo of a dancer holding a staff in rehearsals
Black and white photo from rehearsals with two men on the floor fighting
In rehearsals the grey haired fight director gives in struction to the dancer, placing his hand on his elbow instructively
Black and white photo with a woman sat on her knees looking dejected and a man with an arm over her shoulders
Black and white photo of man rehearsing fighting with a staff on place of a sword
Against a black backdrop the fight director Jonathan Howell, rehearsal director Daniel de Andrade, male dancers line up for their photo after a rehearsal session with staffs and swords

Featured are First Director Jonathan Howell, Rehearsal Director Daniel de Andrade, Harris Beattie, Albert González Orts, Heather Lehan, Antoni Canellas Artigues, Filippo Di Vilio, Yu Wakizuka, and Harris Skoupas.

Photos Sophie Beth Jones.

Header image from Romeo & Juliet dress rehearsals featuring dancer Saeka Shirai taken by Emily Nuttall. Other photos by Emily Nuttall and Sophie Beth Jones.