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Act I

A Square in Town

In a marketplace in Verona, it is carnival time, and the Montagues are decorating the square in preparation for the festivities. Into this scene walks Romeo, the son of Lord Montague and his two close friends, Benvolio and Mercutio.

As the day begins, townspeople fill the marketplace. The Capulets and Montagues are rivals, and a fight soon breaks out between Tybalt, the nephew of Lord Capulet, and Romeo.

The entire town begins to join in as the two sides battle. It’s not until the Prince of Verona appears that the fighting comes to an end. Ordering both families to stop, they are made to reconcile, and the prince warns them that any further bloodshed will be punished by death.

Juliet’s Bedroom

At the Capulet’s house we find their only daughter, Juliet being dressed by her nurse in her bedroom. The fun is interrupted by her mother and father, Lord and Lady Capulet with a surprise guest, Count Paris. Juliet is overcome with shyness as Paris approaches her for the first time and he offers his hand in marriage.

Outside the Capulet’s House

As nightfall spreads across Verona, preparations begin for a ball at the Capulet’s home. Arriving in masks, Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio decide to enter and gatecrash the masked ball.

The Capulet Ball

Upon entering the Capulet’s ball, Romeo spots Juliet dancing with Paris and is immediately taken by her beauty and charm. Mercutio spots Romeo’s fondness for Juliet and decides to distract the entire party so Romeo can catch her eye. Suddenly Tybalt recognises Romeo and orders him out of the ball and the Capulets home. As the party comes to an end, the guests slowly depart.

Juliet’s Garden

Unable to sleep after the excitement of the ball and spotting the handsome Romeo from a distance, Juliet slowly walks out onto her balcony, gazing at the night sky. Suddenly, she hears footsteps below and Romeo appears, declaring his love for her.

Act II

A Square in Town

After the magical night on Juliet's balcony and their chance meeting at the ball, Romeo can only think of Juliet. In the town a procession of carnival birds is led by Mercutio and Benvolio, but Romeo has fallen deeply in love with Juliet and his friends cannot distract him. Moving through the town is Juliet’s nurse with a very important letter to deliver to Romeo. As he reads the letter, Romeo discovers that Juliet has agreed to be his wife.

The Chapel

The pair meet in secret at a Chapel where they are married by Friar Laurence with the Nurse as their witness.

Back in the Square

Back in the square, Tybalt and Paris lead a group of Capulets in a dance celebrating their carnival motif — the cats. An incident provokes a fight between Tybalt and Mercutio.

Tybalt kills Mercutio, and in an act of passion and revenge on behalf of his friend — Romeo kills Tybalt.

After the murder of Tybalt, Romeo must escape Verona at once or lose his life. The threatening storm finally breaks as Lady Capulet laments Tybalt’s death.


Juliet’s Bedroom

The following morning, the lovers share a passionate embrace in Juliet’s bedroom. Romeo must leave after the death of Tybalt and Juliet is heartbroken to be left by the man she loves.

Once Romeo has vanished from the house, Juliet’s parents enter with Paris.

Now in love and married to Romeo, Juliet refuses to marry Paris. Juliet’s father is angered by her refusal, and she flees to seek out the advice of Friar Laurence.

The Chapel

Juliet meets with Friar Laurence at the Chapel and pleads for his help. He soon gives her a small bottle containing a liquid which will cause her to fall into a death-like sleep.

Juliet’s Bedroom

Lady Capulet and the Nurse prepare Juliet for her betrothal to Paris and her adult life. Paris tries to regain her trust and affection but as soon as she is left alone in her room, Juliet drinks the potion and falls asleep.

The Wedding Morning

Juliet’s friends come to decorate her room on her wedding morning, filling the room with rose petals before she wakes. The Nurse brings the bridal dress but the form on the bed remains still. Mistaking her to be dead, Lord and Lady Capulet order Juliet’s body to be placed inside the family tomb.

The Capulet Crypt

Romeo finally returns to Verona and hears of Juliet's death. In disguise, he enters the Capulet crypt and finds Paris by Juliet’s body. Overcome with grief and anger, Romeo kills Paris and believing Juliet to be dead, he drinks a bottle of poison.

Juliet finally wakes from her slumber and sees Romeo dead on top of the tomb. Longing to be reunited with him in death, Juliet stabs herself.

Friar Lawrence arrives too late to avert the tragedy. Over the dead bodies of their children, Lord Capulet and Lord Montague finally recognise the futility of their hatred and rivalry.