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Juliet leans over her balcony and Romeo reaches up to hold her hand
A male dancer jumping in splits
A female dancer in splits on the shoulders of a male dancer
Dancer wearing white flies across the stage, leaping in a grande jete
Two dancers with swords jousting on stage
Romeo and Juliet stand facing out from the stage each with an arm holding the other
Three dancers on the left of a large stage in bird masks. To the right is a group of ladies in bright skirts.
Three men wearing black masks and red sashes jump straight up, their feet together, and their hands above their heads
Dancer dressed in a white flowing dress dances elegantly, one leg raised behind her perpendicular to the floor while en pointe with the other
Dressed in red and black and wearing masks, Lord and Lady Capulet stand imperiously facing out from the stage

Production photos by Tristram Kenton and Emily Nuttall.