Graham Kotowich

Graham Kotowitch, photo Justin Slee

Graham is from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. He joined Northern Ballet in 2008 having trained at the Conservatory for the Performing Arts in Regina, the Royal Ballet School in London and the National Ballet School of Canada.

In 2013 Graham joined Matthew Bourne's New Adventures to tour with their version of Swan Lake.

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Favourite roles

Paris from Romeo & Juliet, Angels in the Architecture, Perpetuum Mobile, Prince's friend from Beauty & the Beast, Glass Canon.

Career highlights

Uk and international touring with Northern Ballet, receiving a full scholarship to the Royal Ballet School; performing at Buckingham Palace; travelling with the National Ballet of Canada.

Where did you do your dance training?

The Conservatory of Performing Art in Regina, The Royal Ballet School in London and The National Ballet School of Canada in Toronto.

When did you join Northern Ballet?


What made you want to be a dancer?

I’ve always danced when music is present but my first ballet teacher, Ana Maria Compos, was a big influence on my exposure to classical ballet.

What would be your dream role to dance be and why?

It would be Don Quixote or Le Corsaire or anything by Forsythe, McGregor or Crystal Pite.

If you could adapt one work into a ballet what would it be?

I have a favourite video game from my childhood that I’ve always thought would make for good inspiration for a piece but maybe not a ballet.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

Sleep in until 11am, wake up and make a pancake breakfast with Canadian Maple Syrup and have someone to share it with.

What was the first album you bought and what was the last album you bought?

The first album was Efle 65 with 5 different versions of Blue. Recently I have a collection of vinyl records with albums like Pete Tosh, DJ Shadow and Jack Jones.

What would be your luxury item on a desert island?

A luxury 100 meter yacht so I could get an off shore view of my desert island.

What are your favourite places in Yorkshire?

Harrogate Turkish Baths, The Canal, Park Square.