Matthew Broadbent

Matthew Broadbent

Matthew was born in Zevenaar in the Netherlands. He trained at the Royal Ballet School (Lower and Upper Schools). Matthew joined Northern Ballet in 2010. In 2015 Matthew left Northern Ballet to join Scottish Ballet.

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Where were you born and raised?

Zevenaar, Netherlands.

At what age did you start dancing?

I started dancing at eight years old and moved away to school at 11.

Where did you train?

The Royal Ballet Lower and Upper Schools.

Career highlights

Dancing the main boy in excerpts from Sleeping Beauty in Hiroshima’s theatre; dancing in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace for HRH Prince Charles.

If you could adapt one work into a ballet what would it be?

The life of Lady Jane Grey. She had love, drama and pushy parents, perfect for a story ballet. Plus it’s got a dramatic ending.

What is your favourite book?

My Kindle – Why choose one book when you can choose a library!? Though I will recommend Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir.

What is your favourite post-show meal?

Something Italian.

How do you like to relax?

I write, read or watch something.

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

An author.