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Shanti Mouget


Shanti left the Company in May 2013.

Shanti is from Paris, France. She trained at the National Ballet School of Opera de Paris and the Royal Ballet School of Flanders. She recently performed at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp. Shanti joined Northern Ballet in 2012.

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Where were you born and raised?


When did you join Northern Ballet?

July 2012

What made you want to be a dancer?

I think the thing that draws me is there is never an end. Even when we grow there is still a goal and I hope it will be that way for the rest of my life. I also believe that the Arts is something the world needs.

What would be your dream role to dance and why?

Nikiya, La Bayadère. That is my origin, I’m half Indian, my Grandma was raised in India so I want to do it for her.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning.

I’d like to wake up with my lover and enjoy breakfast with music and just enjoy the thought that there’s nothing else to do with the day but relax.

What was the first album you bought and what was the last album you bought?

The last was Beuena Vista Social Club

What would be your luxury item on a desert island?

A candle

What are your favourite places in Yorkshire?

As I’ve just moved here I haven’t seen much as yet so I am looking forward to discovering lots of new things with new friends.