World Ballet Day 2018

Watch now!

Tune in on Tuesday 2 October as World Ballet Day takes over the internet. Find out more about our activities this year below:

On The Royal Ballet World Ballet Day stream:

Throughout the day The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet and The Royal Ballet will be leading a global celebration. We’ll be featured on their stream as Leading Soloist Hannah Bateman interviews Northern Ballet Artistic Director David Nixon OBE, where he will talk about nurturing talent from within the Company and working with choreographers like Cathy Marston (Jane Eyre, next year’s Victoria) and Morgann Runacre-Temple who created The Kingdom of Back for this year's Mixed Programme. They will also discuss what it takes to be a leader in dance.

On Northern Ballet’s Facebook stream at 4pm:

Presented by Leading Soloist Hannah Bateman and First Soloist Mlindi Kulashe, we’ll première a new dance film recreating a sword-fighting scene from The Three Musketeers within the breathtaking Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. We’ll also interview Cathy Marston, who is choreographing our new ballet for 2019, Victoria, and we’ll be joining rehearsals of Kenneth Tindall’s The Shape of Sound set to Max Richter's reimagining of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.